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Welcome, this blog was created to serve as the Editorial section for Tyromag.com. It will also at times contain random comments from me about any topic. Feel free to leave notes and comments. http://www.tyromag.com.

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Oh oh, here I go again!!

Just found out today that tomorrow's my last day of work at MIS in Hingham. I've been contracting here for the last six months or so, so I can't really complain. Contract lasted longer then originally planned. Was suppose to be a 2 week contract. I hope, everything I've heard recently about it being a better market place out there is true. I hate being broke and work is the only thing that pays the bills. ugh! Job hunting is such a chore, I don't really look forward to doing it again. It'd be nice to land an interesting job with some stability.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Welcome to Tyromag's Editorial :-)

Welcome gentle readers, to the start of Tyromag's editorial blog. I'll be your mild mannered editor, Larry Dunne. As opposed to adding specific editorial pages to our website: www.tyromag.com, all my editorials will be done here on my new Blog. I figure they both serve the same purpose - giving my opinion - and here on the Blog, I can access it from work, at home, at a con (sometimes), whereever. Thus I'll be able to update it more frequently. I won't be updating on a daily basis but will try to post at least on a weekly basis. The advantage of having my editorials here, readers can post their replies as well and chime in to agree or disagree with me.

I'll admit I kinda feel like cheating a little doing my editorial this way, but it is also quicker and more efficient. :-) I may also be posting live journal type of posts. Maybe.