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Monday, April 17, 2006

GAMA 2006

GAMA 2006 was last month. On our return trip back, UPS lost one of our boxes! which contained personal and review information. Really bummed about that. If you were one of the companies that gave us some material to review, you may have to resend it. The box they lost also contained almost all of our contact info from the various companies. Our apologies to any one who gave us review materials at the show, you will need to contact us and we can let you know if you were one of the companies whose information was in our ill-fated box.

They'll be a more detailed review of the convention on the main pages soon.

Happy Belated Easter. :-)

Well, Easter 2006 has come and past. I spent the day with my family in Sudbury where we had a dinner, played obstacle croquet, and Texas hold'em. All and all a fun day. Sorry, It's been a while since a post, but things have been busy and I had forgotten my login and password. (oops) Took me awhile to retrieve my account info because I was using the wrong username. oh well. Now that I reclaimed it, should be able to give more updates.

Ice Age Two, Meltdown. A quick review of this film is two thumbs up. Recaptures alot of the humor of the first film while our heroes travel to escape the melting ice. All of the actors from the first movie return for the second - Dennis Leary (Diego), Ray Romano (Manny), and John Leguizimo (Sid). They are joined by Jay Leno (Fast Tony), Queen Latifa (Ellie), Josh Peck (Eddie), Seann William Scott (Crash), and Will Arnett (Lone Gunslinger Vulture). As Sid, Manny and Diego travel to escape the incoming flood, they come across Ellie and her adopted brothers Crash and Eddie. They convince them that they too have to leave the area or else they'll drown. The film keeps a good pace with adversies coming from the flood plus water creatures who have melted free from the ice and are swimming in the water coming at them. At the end of the movie Manny must make a heart-rencing choice between going with Ellie (a female Wolly Mammouth like him) or staying with his pals, Diego and Sid.

Ice Age 2: Meltdown - for trailer and info.