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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The day the Clix game died. :-(

Yesterday, Topps announced the disolvement of Wizkids, Inc., the company the makes HeroClix - my favorite game. This is a very sad day for me and Heroclix fans everywhere. Its not totally unexpected, recently Topps laid off just about everyone at WK except for a very small skeleton crew. I wish they would've offered this crew the option of moving to NY to continue making the game. Or came up with some other method to keep the game going. The hope is that someone or some other company will pick up the game, I hope they will keep existing pieces viable if that happens, tho, I can see where they may be wanting to change everything so old and new players would have to start buying figures all over. Today, HCRealms, the number one fan site for the game suddenly seemed to disappear. :-o I hope it is just a server hiccup. There were a few threads about some fans and the former Game Designer, Jake Theis trying to launch a new company to keep the game going. Topps, announcement seem to make it clear that they would not persue continuing producing the game. I hope somehow the game can continue, I hope the local group of players will still be up for the friendly games once in a while. To my fellow clix players/lovers - I salute you, it's been a good six year run and I hope, the game continues in some fashion. I know I plan to keep clixing on! :)


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