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Thursday, September 16, 2010

A new entry at long last... :)

Hey anyone seeing/reading this. it has been awhile since i've updated this editorial and my site. I just started a new job, hope to get organized and motivated to update the site a lot more including this blog which will be linked to my website: tyromag.com to act as my editorial for the online magazine. Luckily I can access my blog at work so I'll be able to do quick updates during lunch and breaks.

Along with my online magazine, I'm also a judge for NECA/WizkidsGames so I have those time commitments to work on as well. You can see our group at bostonclix.wetpaint.com. That site gets more updates then my website sadly. That I will be changing.

I will also be joining the GBARC group this season. I did sorta make a promise to the director before he passed that I would join this year and feel obligated to fullfill my promise to him now that he has passed. So that will be taking some time as well.

Bye for now. :)