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Monday, February 20, 2012

Boskone 49 - Feb 17-19, 2012

Hey Everyone,
We just finished attending Boskone 49 this past weekend. We had a great time, mostly spent time playing some board games, and kicking off our new venture into video broadcasting!
I played Saturday afternoon in the Board Game Guru tournament with a shot for game prizes. I tied for fourth and got a military game that I wasn't too excited about. I wanted to select the Star Fluxx but lost the coin toss. I stupidly passed on Dominion expansion Cornacopia, thinking I already had it. doh! :( C'est la vie as they say. I didn't make it to any panels sadly, and missed the Saturday nite, Game show panel which I heard went great. Lots of laughs at that one. This year Boskone also kicked off their first hall costume contests, lots of interesting costumes around.
I undertook a huge venture to kick off and do an upate for our website which is in sad repair and will be getting a facelift soon. Eunice Torres (a dedicated Tyro staff person since it's kickoff back in 90's) is taking video classes the New England Art Institute. I donned my Tyroman costume and we ventured to interview well over 10 different artists and writers! At one point they kept coming to our setup to get interviewd, we had quite the line set up. :) We spent a few hours Saturday and Sunday interviewing many of the different guests. These will be posted to either a YouTube channel or Vimeo channel, once we figure out which is better for us. These will take at least a couple of weeks since Eunice has to edit all the many interviews we had. We thought we'd only get about three interviews but we got a lot. A special Thank you shout out to Mike Devney who got word out and got many of the guests to come over and talk to us. :)
This weekend was very therapeutic in rekindling my fire to work on the magazine's website. Expect to see some changes very soon.
For more information on Boskone, see their website at http://www.boskone.org and look for our review on the tyromag.com website.

thanks for reading! :)

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