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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tyro TV

Tyro TV will soon have some content. :) Last week I signed up with Melrose's community television station. This is a huge push for us in this direction. We now have access to equipment and to software to help produce Tyro TV. The staff person who gave me the initial tour like the idea of TyroTV very much - I mentioned we'd be covering conventions and doing interviews with artists and writers, etc. I do have a bit of work to do to get ready for Tyro TV. The first order of business will be to crate our logo. I have an idea in mind and just hope I can execute it to my satisfaction when the time comes later this week to create it. Our first class at MMCA center is this coming Monday at 7pm. The staff person was nice to give us a class on how to operate the equipment right away so we could be approved to take equipment out for Boskone in a couple of weeks. This is Boskone's 50th year so I hope we can get clearance for filming different areas of the con, especially Friday's nights panel which will review Boskone's fifty years in operation. We already have the TyroTV YouTube channel and I'm embarrassed to admit that we should've had content up from last year's Boskone. I'll take the heat on this one, I should've got Eunice - the person who so far was doing our filming - the websites and picture content that went along with the interviews that we did for the website. We will be getting those up as soon as possible with new content. So this year we will be launching TyroTV in earnest. We do have to provide MMCA TV with content to air in Melrose which is fine. I will inquiring about submitting finish films to other community channels. I will spread the madness of Tyro to as many communities as possible. :-P I hope to get entries in this blog as well. All our site's content is woefully outdated and that is all my fault. I have to start giving myself some deadlines and try setting aside so many hours per week to work on my site and now my TV show. :) So do keep an eye on our space in the coming months (check it out in March,say) and leave us some feedback. Feel free to submit story ideas and to possibly come a part of Tyro. That's it for this post. :)