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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pax East Oh the insanity. I almost got arrested Sunday morning trying to get my pass for the show. I was in the LOBBY, y'know the place where you get your badges, and two guards for the convention center, not PaxEast security, came up and ask for my badge. At the time I didn't have a badge but was working on getting one, I want to give a huge shout out to the Pax worker who got me that badge, wish I had her name to give her a proper shout out, but it was hard to get with being escorted off the property. These two over-zealous guards wouldn't even let me get my number to the worker who was working on getting me a badge, they quickly went ballastic and called Boston finest over to accost me as well. What a lovely start to the day. >-( I eventually did get into the hall, William was able to go talk to my contact and she did get me a badge. They did threaten to arrest me - the nerve. Anyway, for the record, I'm mostly mad at myself. I did a lot of filming but I messed up on the audio so most of what I shot is useless. ugh. So mad at myself. I have to make sure I bring headphones for the camera everytime. It is a learning curve as I'm venturing into television. I feel so far bedhind with production. We need to get the Boskone episodes up soon! I'm hoping that once I get the Boskone episodes up, the production time for future shows will go quicker since we'll have the openning and closing credits ready to just be inserted. Well, Easter is Sunday so I want to wish anyone who celebrates that a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover to all Jewish readers. :) Till next time. Larry